Mobile CRM for Pharma

The Pharma and Bio medical equipment industry sales depend on constant interaction with the end customers i.e doctors.

In India, market penetration of bio medical equipments is very low and hence represents a tremendous opportunity for companies to grow.

For Pharma companies also distribution and market penetration remains the biggest challenge.

Another big hurdle is educating end customer about the benefits of the products and market acceptance.

To make inroads into the market, pharma and bio medical companies should have sales team on the ground interacting with their potential customers all the time.

For any pharma company planning to expand to a national level managing a large and spread out sales team becomes a challenge.

Also, since this is a nascent industry, continuous feedback from the customers is also important. An early feedback about a product can help making the right changes before a nation wide launch. This helps in cutting down costs on inventories piling up.

Mobile CRM from iREDi helps in:-

- Managing the spread out sales team

- Identifying the opportunities easily

- Reducing communication gaps between field sales and central office

- Helping sales team to plan out their leads on priority basis

- Identifying high growth areas

- Co-relating the sales activities with the actual sales results.

Benefits of Mobile CRM from iREDi:-

- Opportunities can be marked on the move

- Sales team can add new accounts while they are visiting existing accounts.

- By clearly identifying relevant opportunities, the sales team spends more time on high priority leads, helping them close sales faster.